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Foland & Higbee, Inc., is proud of its long and distinguished history of managing downtown rental properties. Our firm has grown to successfully manage over 1500 individual units. We have begun to parlay this experience into success in other areas of town as well, having increased annual net income for one client by over 150%.

Services Offered :

We Provide the following

  • Arrange rental transactions: Accept and process rental applications to include screening of potential tenants. This includes establishing eligibility, process payments, and securement of a security deposit and/or any additional deposits/fees.
  • Monthly Statements: Will be dispatched to you, reflecting any and all monthly activity.
  • Marketing: On-staff and experienced marketing professionals creating a dynamic marketing mix.
  • Property Condition Inspection and Report.
  • Provide complete, detailed itemized reports of significant property changes.
  • Payment of Invoices to vendors.
  • Constant monitoring of any new and existing State of Florida real estate laws as well as relevant, pending legislation. (Please note, Foland & Higbee, Inc., receives superb legal counsel by a prominent national real estate firm).
  • Maintenance: On-staff, experienced structural maintenance crew to perform any necessary repairs promptly. We Will coordinate and deduct any approved repair invoices from property income.
  • Oversee complete clean-out, janitorial services and renovations as needed of property upon tenant vacating.
  • Grounds Maintenance: Will arrange for servicing by on-staff crew.
Our Pledge to You :

We will offer the best possible service. Mutual efforts lead to mutual benefits. Income maximization occurs only when owner and manager work together in unity of purpose.

Special Benefits - Rental Properties
Property Specific Advertising
Property inspections
Arrangement for any and all maintenance requirements from minor repairs to complete renovation
Arrangement for lawn service


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